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Assessment / Testing Kits

Assessment / Testing kits available to borrow from Kildare Education Support Centre:-

EAL Primary school Assessment Kit

EYES - Early Years Easy Screen 

C-Topp-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing  Second Edition)

(C-TOPP helps evaluate phonological processing abilities as a prerequisite to reading fluency).

BPVS Test (The British Picture Vocabular Scale) - Third Edition 

(BPVS is a leading vocabulary assessment for standard English and can play an important role in assessing a child's receptive (hearing) vocabulary from as young as 3 years right up to 16 years of age).

NRIT Non Reading Intelligence Tests

Dyslexia Screening Test (DST) S (11.6-16.5 yrs)

Dyslexia Screening Test (DST) J (6.5 - 11.5 yrs)

Dyslexia Screening Test (DEST ) 2 (3 - 6.5 yrs)


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