On Reflection

Harness the power of purposeful reflection


This project was undertaken by three Local Teachers who love education and value the power of reflective practice.

Reflective practice, that is exciting and energising, is required within an education system that is increasingly globalised and constantly changing. Reflective practice positively develops an individual’s awareness of their own agency and capacity to flourish, alongside their understanding of how education systems will only thrive through collaboration and interdependence. 

 However, the opportunity to reflect purposefully is often overlooked. Therefore, we aimed to journey beyond the ‘reflective journal’ monoculture that often constitutes reflective practice. Our goal, a move towards more inclusive reflective dialogue and strategies; encouraging everyone in education to reflect, not just in subjects, but also as subjects, of their own inherent talents.

Explore the dynamic reflective practice strategies we devised, tested and optimised over the last two years. We believe their flexibility allows them weave seamlessly into a myriad of pedagogical contexts. Discover the untapped well of inspiration reflective practice can offer. 

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