chess is a national network of primary teachers promoting chess in their schools. teachers promote chess for the social, cognitive and mental-fitness benefits it has for students in their schools. teachers use chess as a tool to teach through and an opportunity for their students to develop new skills and values.
The website contains resources for teachers to introduce chess into their schools such as beginner lessons and videos as well as advice on where chess sets and teaching aids can be purchased - volunteers regularly facilitate summer and evening chess courses on introducing chess into schools through education centres. advocates the setting up of a winter chess league to provide students with the opportunity to practice the skills of impulse control, patience and acceptance of defeat in a low-risk environment. The values of practice and learning a new skills are emphasised at this stage.
In partnership with Kildare Education Centre, volunteers organise one-day regional chess tournaments for participating schools. Schools enter teams of chess players and these teams wear their school jerseys/colours. The regional tournaments are an opportunity for students to understand the value of respect, teamwork and representation. To enhance the value of excellence volunteers organise a one-day competitive tournament for teams who perform outstandingly in chess at each regional tournament. 
For more information on tournament for Kildare Education Centre schools click here. 

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