Write-a-Book 2018-2019


Creativity can be described in many ways. One description is “the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality”. The Write-a-Book project, now in its 19th year, is an outlet for such creativity and enables children to become real authors. In Write-A-Book children create their own books by actively engaging in the processes of writing, composing, constructing, designing, illustrating and presenting their work to a wider audience.

At the start of the 2018-2019 Write-a-Book Project, we thank all those who have been involved in previous years. We encourage them to participate again this year and we ask others to enter, if they have not done so previously. We are looking forward to working with you to build an inclusive and supportive Write-a-Book Project.

This year we will follow the same format as in the past few years, with schools hosting their own Award Ceremony. The Kildare Education Centre will provide medals for the winners and runners-up. The Centre will also supply a certificate and pencil for every child who participates.

As you can appreciate, a considerable amount of work is involved in administering this project. To help us with this, we ask that schools provide 2 copies of each Class Entry List (see attached) when submitting the entries.
The entry fee is €15 per class entry, the same as in previous years.
Entries may be submitted in Irish or in English.

Please find the following documents relating to Write-a-Book as attachments to the bottom of the page: 
1. Application Form
2. Project Guidelines
3. Guidelines for Readers
4. Judging Guidelines
5. Individual Class Entry List **
6. Labels for attaching to individual Books **
7. Teacher’s Checklist

** To facilitate the checking-in of entries and any queries that might arise with same, please note that a label must be attached to the OUTSIDE of the BACK cover of all books being submitted. Please do NOT attach this label to the inside of the book. The name of the author and number on this label must correspond with the name of the author and number on the individual Class Entry List being submitted.

It is the responsibility of the class teacher to ensure that the topic/content of each book entered is suitable and appropriate for the age of the child.

When judging books, it is important that the same procedure is followed by everyone.
The judging of books must take place within the school only – books should NOT be given to children to take home. Books should be returned to the Centre in their original condition – please ensure that no comments are written on the books being judged.

Important Dates:

Wed 13th Mar 2019: Closing date for entries - All entries must be submitted to Kildare Education Centre by this date

Wed 10th April 2019: All judged books to be returned to Kildare Education Centre.

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