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1916 - Education Centre Events

This is a special year in the Decade of Commemorations, with many activities and celebrations planned between now and the end of 2016.

Kildare Education Centre, as part of the Network of Education Centres, is co-ordinating a series of local history related activities, initiatives and projects during this time. We hope that this which will assist principals, their teachers and pupils with celebrating this significant period within their own school setting. Much of what we have planned is aimed at supporting schools as they prepare for Proclamation Day on March 15th 2016.

The projects and activities, and their associated materials can help with the Schools’ Collection 1916 Project, the 1916 Ancestry Project and will contribute to other aspects of your school’s celebrations of the 1916 centenary.

There are three specific events which Kildare Education Centre will co-ordinate over the next two months:

• a series of workshops to support teachers with classroom/school activities on the theme of 1916

• the local component of the All-Island Art Competition

• a local project competition for primary schools and one for post-primary schools.

By running these activities now, we hope that it will help schools to prepare for the commemoration of this historical occasion and it will allow schools to see what materials they have for display purposes on March 15th 2016.

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