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Timelines and Motions


Primary Debating Festival 2015 - Timelines and Motions


The motions for the various rounds of the Debating Festival are taken from the Primary Debating Ireland website – They are :

Round 1: Every child of school going age should have a mobile phone

Round 2: People Should Not Keep Pets

Pool Debates: Nobody Should Have To Pay For Water

Quarter Final: Television Is A Bad Influence

Semi-Final: Newspapers Are A Thing Of The Past

Final: We Can’t End Poverty


Reserve Motions, in the unlikely event they need to be used are:

Ireland Should Leave The European Union, Soccer Players Get Paid Too Much, School Should Be All Year Round, and Ending Food Waste Is Our Responsibility




All Round 1 debates to be completed on or by: Wednesday 4th February 2015

All Round 2 debates to be completed on or by: Friday 13th February 2015

All Pool debates to be completed on or by: Friday 27th February 2015

Quarter Final debates to be completed on or by: Thursday 12th March 2015

Semi-Final debates on: Thursday 26th March 2015

Final debate on: Tuesday 21st April 2015


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