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PPLI Languages Connect Summit



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AI in Education: Innovations, Opportunities, and Ethical Perspectives

AI in Education: Innovations, Opportunities, and Ethical Perspectives
This webinar will delve into the increasingly prevalent role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives and its potential in education. From adaptive learning systems to intelligent tutoring systems, AI is being used to provide personalised and engaging learning experiences for students. This session will explore the practical applications of AI in education, highlighting its ability to help teachers save time and enhance students’ learning experiences. The ethical considerations surrounding AI will also be discussed, including privacy concerns and the potential for biases in algorithms. In addition, we will explore the Erasmus project Artificial Intelligence for Teachers (AI4T), which is investigating the use of AI tools to support students’ learning in education as one of its project objectives.

 Thursday 25th May @ 18:30


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Creative Cluster Flyer

The Department of Education is pleased to announce the opening of a new round of Creative Clusters (Press Release).  The deadline for receipt of applications is 12th May 2023.

To view the promotional video click HERE.

Each Creative Cluster will receive grant funding of €3,000 per school over a two-year period to implement their project in the 2023–2025 school years (e.g. a cluster of 3 schools would receive €9,000 over two years while a cluster of 5 schools would receive €15,000 over two years).

Clusters will receive 50% of the total grant funding in Year 1, with the second 50% being provided in Year 2. In addition, but separate to the grant funding, all successful clusters are further supported with: A fully paid Creative Cluster Facilitator; paid Teacher Substitution to attend training and meetings; room hire, travel & subsistence.

Please see the following link for Guidelines and to download the Application Form: Creative Clusters 2023 Guidelines and Application Form.

  • Schools can apply as part of a cluster which may be an existing network of schools.
  • A school nearing the end of year 2 of an existing Creative Cluster can reapply to be in a new cluster where the other schools in the new cluster have not participated before.
  • Schools nearing the end of 2 years with Creative Schools are eligible to apply.
  • The local Education Support Centre will have a key role in identifying and supporting a Creative Cluster for their local area.

Fully completed Applications should be sent to Kildare Education Support Centre to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Any queries, please contact Kildare Education Support Centre 045-530200.

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